London to The Gambia Charity Drive

London to Banjul, The Gambia Charity Drive

Hello! Thanks for dropping in and reading my journal! I'm Leela, a photographer from Hertfordshire, UK. In January 2015, my boyfriend Charles and I decided to take part in a charity drive from London to Banjul, The Gambia in Western Africa. Joining us on our trip was Chaz's dad Andrew and friends Chris and Dave. We signed up for the Dakar Challenge and bought two Land Rover Discoveries each for under £500.

We had originally planned to drive to Timbuktu in Mali, however we changed our route after advise from the authorities, we would have had to have a military chaparone throughout the time in the country and honestly, we didn't think that that sounded too fun! So Banjul, Gambia it is!

Note - The photographs on this blog are taken using a mixture of Go Pros, IPhones and my Canon 5D.

Our Route

London to Gambia 2015

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